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Empowering families and their children to face the odds

Our Story

Autistic children. Care of child mental health with a child psychologist using a psychotherapy session

As two parents of a child with autism, we have experienced firsthand the challenges and triumphs that come with raising a special-needs child. Our journey began when our son was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. He was nonverbal until the age of five, and receiving his diagnosis in 2018 took a significant emotional toll on our entire family. My husband and I faced stages of denial and acceptance, grappling with the reality of our son’s needs and the impact on our lives. Determined to turn our struggles into something positive, we decided to start Chances Advocates LLC. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I wanted to create a business that would provide other parents with the support, resources, and guidance we wished we had. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition to services for autistic children while focusing on the physical and mental well-being of parents and caregivers. Chances Advocates is dedicated to helping families navigate the complexities of raising a child with autism. We understand the emotional and practical challenges involved, and we are committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive support to help other parents on their unique journeys.



Our mission is to provide a smooth pathway to help children and families through the early stages of an Autism diagnosis. Focusing on providing emotional support, counseling, case management, education, resources, and encouragement to all families.

Who We Serve

Chances Advocates will provide services to children ages 18 months to 7 years of age. In addition, provide individual and group counseling to any parent, caregiver or relative of a special needs child.

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